The Enchanted Forest | Xenia Prokhorova

THE ENCHANTED FOREST is a story about teen issues when you get lost in the woods and can’t find yourself anymore. This is a story about the way out — becoming an adult — and not staying like Peter Pan — forever a child — someone who grows old but never grows up. Paradoxically, but you can become an adult only if you remember the child you once were!

Three teenagers — Dima, Tanya, and Anton — escaped from the cabin into the forest and ended up in an enchanted forest clearing that they cannot leave.

Lisa is a ten-year-old girl who is very fond of wolves, reading fairy tales, and helping her older sister solve her teenage problems. And one day, in the bushes behind her grandmother's garden, she meets a talking wolf who calls her to follow him into the ENCHANTED FOREST.

A project of the animated feature film.

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