IVAN/DIVAN | Damned Coach | Xenia Prokhorova

“It might happen recently, during the quarantine. Or maybe it has always existed, but Ivan was striding through the forest. It’s quite a story itself, how Ivan ended up only in his shorts and a T-shirt in the pouring rain on some incomprehensible edge of an incomprehensible forest! His neighbors surely would be happy to tell us this story! But, for now, let’s leave its mystery unsolved.
Only a complete idiot would go into a Weird Cabin in the middle of the Incomprehensible Forest (there also was some kind of Unhealthy Glow from the window). Therefore, this is exactly what Ivan did. "

DAMNED COACH is a quarantine-time fairy tale relating the fate of Ivan the Not-Very-Smart-Man who got glued to the Malicious Magic Couch so that he is forced to watch everything that is on TV…forever. Well, or until whatever breaks first: the TV, Ivan, or the curse.

IVAN/DIVAN —it is also a project of the animated series for adults.

Please ask me and I will show you the animated film presentation and the comics-fairy-tale!