Rita and The Sea | Xenia Prokhorova

“The sound of the raving sea is beautiful. I wish it to never seize! ”

RITA AND THE SEA is a graphic poem. The story is about Rita, an eccentric woman who lives in a Lighthouse, loves the Sea and dances through the nights so that ships do not get thrown on reefs.

Her realm consists of uneven joints between paper and wood, ragged edges and margins adjacent to smooth gradient fills. There is no uniform style in her world, and each element seems to live a life of its own having its own soul! Rita lives in this world and, since she is a part of it, she is just as changeable from page to page. Why is she so different? Why is her world so ambivalent? But are we all, you and I, the same every day? Do we feel ourselves as being a constant entity and do we see the world as a static place? I think that this is how Rita experiences herself.

The story completed and published in a small run in 2019. The book had its presentation within a framework of a social project called House Full of Amazing People in Nizhny Novgorod (this project is dedicated to making people with special needs adjusted to ordinary life). Illustrations for Rita and The Sea were also exhibited during the Russian Arts Week and were a part of the Russian Arts Award project in Moscow in 2018 (the illustrations received third prize there). Rita and More was shortlisted for the international KomMissia festival in 2020.

Please ask me and I will show you the book!